Brokerage Statement Simplification

User and stakeholder input fueled the strategy and design for a best-in-class reporting system. Creating a simplified, user-centric brokerage statement for Schwab not only entailed gathering extensive input from stakeholders, but also involved drawing clients and prospects into the design process.

Users participated in card-sorting and other ideation exercises to help craft the ideal reporting for them – “my information, my way.” In addition to new designs and specifications, the final deliverables included a roadmap to guide implementation of the new statement.

Retirement Plan Services Reporting

Launching a new retirement product for employers, Schwab sought to create innovative reporting that would cut through the clutter and provide employees with the information to make informed choices about their investments.

Dozens of information displays were developed and tested extensively with users. The result: A simplified presentation of complex information that effectively informed employees whether or not they were “On Track” for retirement.