Simplified Proposal System

Mired in six different systems and multiple, inconsistent formats, Guardian’s proposals were viewed so negatively that brokers created their own spreadsheets to present key information. Guardian’s branded sales material rarely made it past the broker’s desk.

The solution was a universal template for all group insurance proposals, featuring a minimalist approach that eliminated redundant content and rewrote the rest in plain English. All outputs were moved online, eliminating a cumbersome and costly manual assembly process and realizing significant savings in operational costs.

Welcome Kit

New Guardian policyholders were subjected to “chaotic bombardment” – multiple, disparate mailings with overlapping information, industry jargon and no clear calls to action.

Working with stakeholders and involving customers in the design process, we created a single Welcome Kit that featured a plain-language policy guide, personalized welcome letter and in-line disclosures produced via print-on-demand.

Plain-language Whole Life Policies

As is often the case in the insurance industry, Guardian’s whole-life policy documents tended to make a complicated product seem even more incomprehensible. A plain-language rewrite of the policy involved legal, regulatory and compliance stakeholders and centered on reducing word count, eliminating jargon and replacing length prose descriptions with graphic displays. The rewritten policy formed part of the client’s Welcome Kit for new clients and was repurposed as a guide to understanding policies generally.

Premium Notice Redesign & Messaging Simplification

I led the team that redesigned Guardian’s premium notices (bills) — creating on-brand notices that used information design and plain language for clarity and succinctness.

Content for messaging that could appear on a given premium notice ran to more than 50 pages, and contained not only industry jargon but references to processes, procedures and departments that, in some cases, no longer existed. I rewrote all messaging in plain language, creating a before-and-after rubric to facilitate legal, regulatory and compliance review.